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I've gotten a few people asking me to post the links and I am tired of individually noting everyone.

Yes, she did actually say those things.

Here, on point 5, she admits it's all about her feeling superior to other women.

Here she says that men are allowed to cheat in relationships, because it is probably the woman's fault for not keeping him satisfied.

In her other posts (which you can find in that thread), she:

:bulletblue: Claims that women are divided in to two categories, pure and unpure. Pure women are superior to unpure women.

:bulletred: Having sex for fun even once makes a woman a bad person.

:bulletblue: Men can have as much sex as they want. A man can even harass unpure women as much as he likes, and calling him a creep means you are shaming him for his sexuality.

:bulletred: On the other hand, shaming women for having sex is good and right. Only men should be allowed to enjoy sex. This is equality.

:bulletblue: Claims she doesn't hate promiscuous women, she just thinks they are unintelligent, pathetic, weak, and deserve to be treated like shit, because that is equality.

:bulletred: The bottom line is that she thinks women deserve to be punished for enjoying sex, but men should be allowed to do whatever they want.
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Birthday cake  icon Happy Birthday Godliek :D :heart: On  your very special day!
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DragonQuestWes Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015
First off, she has not been posting on deviantART and I don't know if she'll come back. You might be wasting your time.

Second, BDSM and porn are for otakus. Otaku dudes (rather redundant to say) who get off leaving whip scars on a woman/girl's back.

Third, there's no such thing as "fallen off the end." That's a lie made up by ultra-introverted morons who base their lives around fandom shit. If you're blocked by her and you act like that she's getting worse while you continue to live your life in mediocrity, then maybe it's not her that's the problem. It's probably you.

You really ought to accept the fact that she doesn't have to live by your (current) standards and take the time to think about what you've been telling her and consider whether or not what you believe is really worth believing.
Apricots-from-Nara Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015  Student General Artist
I'm into bsdm and porn and i am 100% female. So you're wrong on that, hun.
DragonQuestWes Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015
Don't care.
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I've come to wish you a happy birthday, Ms. Wit! 

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So I guess in this instance, it's the thought that counts, right? 
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Happy birthday!
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Happy (early) Birthday, young lady!

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Mm, you alive?
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