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The stone weight
of my chest drags
my chin to the ground, and it scrapes
across the cold concrete as I scutter
sideways, a crab without her shell.

The sea is distant as the sky,
the hard fact I will never be home
pulses from head to tips of limbs
like a chronic lightning.

I hope the world looks only
at my claws
and thinks me powerful.
I want to taste the Camel Crush
you've already smoked.
I want the sweat of your palms
on my back;
I trust your teeth
against my throat.

And if you want,
you can have my American Spirit lips;
if you ask,
I will give you my fingers in your hair
and trace my nails down your spine.

But only if
these things will make you happy:
for that, I can
live without them.
Trying to write about sexual tension between friends who respect each other. That's the sort of sexual tension I want to build in the novel I'm writing.

Critique welcome! :D

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Their relationship is so cute, they seem like a pair of real teenagers in puppy love. :meow: Sometimes I would get a bit confused when you w...

by merrak

You've got a solid voice here, and I like the language. In part one, I feel like you've very much nailed the way children think. On the...

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